Python package for NAIF WebGeoCalc API

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In december 2018, JPL/NAIF announced an experimental API RESTful interface for their new WebGeoCalc server (which make online SPICE calculations). Documentation and JavaScript examples are already available.

This package provides a Python interface to make SPICE calculations through this API.


WebGeoCalc is not design to handle heavy calculation. If you need to make intensive queries, use Spiceypy or SpiceMiner package with locally hosted kernels.


With pip:

$ pip install webgeocalc

With conda:

$ conda install -c seignovert webgeocalc

From the sources:

$ git clone webgeocalc
$ cd webgeocalc
$ python install



This project is not supported or endorsed by either JPL, NAIF or NASA. The code is provided “as is”, use at your own risk.